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Water H Smart Bottle All-in-one water tracker, reminder & analyzer

Water H Smart Bottle All-in-one water tracker, reminder & analyzer

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Drinking enough water is crucial for our health, energy, and overall well-being. However, it can be challenging to remember to drink the recommended amount of water daily due to our busy schedules. ⁠

WaterH is a company that has created a smart water bottle to help people stay hydrated. The bottle uses technology to remind you to drink water and track your hydration goals. Their products are designed to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to stay hydrated.⁠

Key Benefits:⁠

💦 Automatic Hydration Tracking: No more guessing how much water you've consumed in a day. The WaterH bottle tracks your hydration levels, allowing you to focus on drinking more water.⁠

💦 LED Reminder: With a subtle LED light, the WaterH bottle gives you a friendly nudge to drink water, even when you're busy.⁠

💦 WaterH App: Download the easy-to-use WaterH app on IOS or Android to monitor your hydration levels, customize reminder notifications, and receive personalized hydration goals based on your age, body weight, and activity level.⁠

💦 Easy Set-Up: Connecting the WaterH bottle to your smartphone takes only a few seconds. Simply click pair, tap the top of the WaterH lid, and you're done!⁠

💦 Water Quality Sensor: The built-in TDS sensor meter scans your water quality, so you no longer have to guess about water quality based on taste or smell. Drink with a peace of mind knowing you’re feeding quality water into your body.⁠

Stay hydrated effortlessly with WaterH smart water bottle. Order yours today! 


Available Colors: 

  • Magnetite Blue
  • Seashell Blue
  • Ivory White
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